Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Twitterati

Twitter and Google are helping to end China's stranglehold on information and accelerate the process of democratization

Twitter is largely blocked by China's "great firewall" (GFW), which prevents Chinese people from accessing certain sites. Yet Twitter has an almost religious following among tech-savvy Chinese, whose determination to use the service outstrips authorities' efforts to block access to it.
Chinese Twitterati helped get the GFW on to the list of Twitter's top 10 "trending topics" (or most tweeted terms) – an impressive feat given that Twitter is supposed to be inaccessible in China.
Twitter, which lets people send bite-size messages to large groups, allows the Chinese to quickly disseminate urgent news or even uncomfortable facts. Twitter can create a faster information flow than any official agency.That means people would get information faster than the government. That's a real crisis for Communists.


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